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Author : Nicky Gaymer-Jones

Hello, my name is Nicky Gaymer-Jones. I am a dedicated self-published author who is passionate about creating captivating books for children of diverse backgrounds and ages. My educational journey was uniquely shaped by a diagnosis of learning difficulties from a young age, and I was raised with a British-based learning style. But this challenge fueled my desire to make learning enjoyable for children, and I chose to become a children's book author.

My writing journey is a testament to overcoming challenges, and I am committed to helping children discover the joy of reading through effective educational methods. Currently, I am based in sunny California, and I reside in Yorba Linda. You can often find me at local book fairs and engaging in readings, where I love connecting with young readers and their families. I invite you to join me on this literary adventure as we explore the magical world of books together!

Illustrator : Amber Luecke

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Amber has loved drawing characters her entire life. Since starting ALL Illustration & Design in 2018 she has helped many independent authors illustrate, design and self-publish their stories. Amber lives in North Central Florida with her daughter, her cats, and a serious art supply collection. Check out her portfolio at www.amberleighluecke.com

Illustrator : Kaelin Twede

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Hi there! I’m Kaelin Twede, an illustrator with a passion for fostering hope through storytelling. Specializing in children’s books and teen fiction, I use my art to empower and inspire. By day, I work as an accountant, but my true joy comes from creating visual narratives. Weather I’m on my daily commute on the train or relaxing at home sipping my herbal teas, you’ll find me sketching away. I strive to craft engaging worlds that resonate with readers of all ages. Join me in discovering the boundless possibilities of art and storytelling.